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  • Provide practical problem-solving skills
  • All authors have university teaching experience

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SOA Exam P - Probability

By: Samuel A. Broverman, Ph.D., ASA

The time-tested market leader with tens of thousands of manuals sold and just as many grateful actuarial students who've passed Exam P. Carefully covers all of the SOA learning objectives for the exam. Sam Broverman brings 30+ years of university and exam prep teaching experience to bear to ensure that purchasers of this manual gain a thorough understanding of all the topics covered on the exam syllabus.

  • 10 modules with examples and problem sets
  • 10 original practice exams with detailed solutions
  • Over 500 problems included in this manual

SOA Exam FM - Financial Mathematics

By: John Dinius, FSA, MAAA

The ACTEX Study Manual for the Society of Actuaries’ Exam FM is comprehensive and is written in an easy-to-understand style, providing thorough explanations of all the Exam FM topics, from the basic material to the most difficult topics. Concepts are introduced in a clear way so that students can quickly understand new topics.

The manual has been extensively revised and updated to reflect changes in the SOA syllabus for Exam FM that will be effective with the June 2017 administration of the exam. The new syllabus has eliminated most of the material on Financial Derivatives, but has increased the emphasis on one type of derivative: Interest Rate Swaps, including a new study note on this topic. The revised FM manual covers this material in a newly written module on Interest Rate Swaps. The revised syllabus also includes new study notes on “The Determinants of Interest Rates” and “Using Duration and Convexity to Approximate Present Value.” This material is covered in a newly written module on Determinants of Interest Rates plus an expansion of the module on Asset-Liability Management. In addition, many sections of the other modules in the manual have been revised to provide additional explanations, examples, and solutions.

SOA Exam MLC - Models for Life Contingencies

By: Johnny Li, Ph.D., FSA, Andrew Ng, Ph.D., FSA

The ACTEX MLC authors had students in mind when designing and writing this manual. this manual covers all topics in the current SOA Exam MLC syllabus. Old exam problems that are applicable to the current exam syllabi are integrated into the text as an additional teaching opportunity. Each chapter then concludes with practice problems. At the end of the manual there are complete sample exams offering additional practice.

The Spring 2018 edition includes solutions to the Fall 2017 SOA MLC Exam and corrections to all errata known at the time of publication.

SOA Exam MFE - Models for Financial Economics

By: Johnny Li, Ph.D., FSA

This edition of the ACTEX Study Manual for Exam MFE has been updated in line with the syllabus for the July 2017 exam and beyond.
The authors utilize a completely different pedagogical approach. The authors have gone to the painstaking effort of putting together a manual that is targeted and focused on teaching the content specifically tested on the MFE exam, unlike the Derivatives Markets text. Li & Ng approach the concepts in a more streamlined fashion and incorporate sample questions that have proven to accurately represent how students experience the MFE exam. The manual is broken into modules equivalent to the exam syllabus (modules 1-5) which are then broken down further into lessons. Each lesson has exercises and solutions that are designed to be completed and perfected before moving ahead. Finally, there are 5 sample exams for practicing application of the concepts and techniques taught throughout the manual.
The printed manual is a set of 2 spiral-bound volumes. The Fall 2017 edition incorporates corrections to all known errata up to the date of publication.

SOA Exam C - Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models

By: Samuel A. Broverman, Ph.D., ASA

The ACTEX Study Manual for SOA Exam C is the ideal study tool to help in the preparation for the SOA Exam C. It provides thorough coverage of all the syllabus topics of modeling, model estimation, model construction and selection, credibility, simulation and risk measures. A crucial aspect of exam success is the ability to work quickly. Working through many problems and examples is a good way to build up that speed. Working the over 1600 problems and sample exam questions (all with detailed solutions) in this manual, will allow students to approach this exam with confidence.

CAS Exam MAS-I - Modern Actuarial Statistics

By: Ambrose Lo, Ph.D, FSA

The ACTEX CAS Exam MAS-I Study Manual helps students efficiently and effectively grasp the material in Exam MAS-I, and pass it with considerable ease. It fosters genuine and thorough understanding of the syllabus topics and discourages rote learning. Each chapter and section of the manual starts by explicitly stating which learning outcomes and knowledge statements of the exam syllabus we are going to cover, to let students know that we are on track and hitting the right target.

The manual is an ideal study aid for students intending to take Exam MAS-I as well as for instructors who teach related actuarial and statistics courses.