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SOA FAP Study Guide

The SOA is making changes to the FAP e-Learning course beginning in January 2020. The new FAP course will introduce interactive scenarios, reinforce key skills, and provide more frequent, shorter assessments. We are evaluating the best options for transitioning students and we are here to support you through your journey. Check back here or follow us on social media for updates.

Update 1/3/2020: We have learned that the textbook requirements for the new FAP are not changing. For a listing of textbooks click here.

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Customers are saying:

It completely revolutionized my FAP studying. Prior to using it I would "read" the text books and articles, but I found them tedious and wound up skipping a lot of them. The Edge has a summary of a majority of the readings so you can quickly see what the main takeaways are.
- Actuarial Outpost User