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FAP (Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice) Course Study Guide from ACTEX / The Edge

SOA FAP Study Guide

The SOA is making changes to the FAP e-Learning course beginning in January 2020. The new FAP course will introduce interactive scenarios, reinforce key skills, and provide more frequent, shorter assessments. We are evaluating the best options for transitioning students and we are here to support you through your journey. Check back here or follow us on social media for updates.

The ACTEX/Edge FAP Study Guide is the only study guide for students wishing to have an accompanying study aid for the entire SOA FAP course, including modules and assesments. It is a perfect fit for students who want to SIGNIFICANTLY cut down the amount of course reading and note-taking, while also focusing on enhanced comprehension.

Actuarial students seeking to be admitted as Associates of the Society of Actuaries must complete the Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice (FAP) Course, a self-paced, e-Learning course with an interim and final assessment. Most students choose to complete this course after they’ve completed 3-4 of the preliminary exams (P, FM, IFM, LTAM, and STAM) as well as fulfilled their VEE requirements.

The course is composed of eight modules and two comprehensive assessments, all of which are completed electronically, and can take a year or more to complete.

The amount of material covered on the exam is consistent with the large Fellowship exams. As a result, the ACTEX / The Edge FAP study guide incorporates techniques the authors used to pass the Fellowship exams with the high marks on the first attempt.

The biggest obstacle we hear that students find with the SOA's FAP course is moving through the material, especially the modules, in a timely manner. Time and time again, we hear that what could feasibly be a six-month process often finds itself elongated into a two- or three-year headache! One of our primary goals as authors and prior FAP students is to relieve this headache and provide a tool that gives both the means and the motivation to sharpen your focus on completing this piece of the accreditation process as quickly and efficiently as possible, and move on towards to ultimate completion of your Associateships and Fellowship. You owe it to yourself to see this great manual we’ve put together with your success in mind!

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Customers are saying:
It completely revolutionized my FAP studying. Prior to using it I would "read" the text books and articles, but I found them tedious and wound up skipping a lot of them. The Edge has a summary of a majority of the readings so you can quickly see what the main takeaways are.
- Actuarial Outpost User