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Probability and Statistics with Applications: A Problem Solving Text, 2nd Edition - PRINTED
Author: Asimow & Maxwell
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Publisher: ACTEX
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ISBN: 978-1-62542-472-3


This text is listed on the Course of Reading for SOA Exam P.

Probability and Statistics with Applications is an introductory textbook designed to make the subject accessible to college freshmen and sophomores concurrent with Calc II and III, with a prerequisite of just one semester of calculus.

It is organized specifically to meet the needs of students who are preparing for the Society of Actuaries qualifying Examination P and Casualty Actuarial Society's new Exam S.

Sample actuarial exam problems are integrated throughout the text along with an abundance of illustrative examples and 870 exercises. The book provides the content to serve as the primary text for a standard two-semester advanced undergraduate course in mathematical probability and statistics.

2nd Edition Highlights:

  • Expansion of statistics portion to cover CAS ST and all of the statistics portion of CAS S
  • Abundance of examples and sample exam problems for both Exams SOA P and CAS S
  • Combines best attributes of a solid text and an actuarial exam study manual in one volume
  • Widely used by college freshmen and sophomores to pass SOA Exam P early in their college careers
  • May be used concurrently with calculus courses
  • New or rewritten sections cover topics such as discrete and continuous mixture distributions, non-homogeneous Poisson processes, conjugate pairs in Bayesian estimation, statistical sufficiency, non-parametric statistics, and other topics also relevant to SOA Exam C.
  • A separate solutions manual for the text exercises is also available.

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