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Mathematics of Investment & Credit 6th ed. - PRINTED
Author: Broverman
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Publisher: ACTEX
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ISBN: 978-1-62542-485-3


Mathematics of Investment and Credit is a leading textbook covering the topic of interest theory.

It is the required or recommended text in many college and university courses on this topic, as well as for Exam FM.

This text provides a thorough treatment of the theory of interest, and its application to a wide variety of financial instruments. It emphasizes a direct-calculation approach to reaching numerical results, and uses a gentle, thorough pedagogic style.

This text includes detailed treatments of the term structure of interest rates, forward contracts of various types, interest rate swaps, financial options, and option strategies. Key formulas and definitions are highlighted. Real world current events are included to demonstrate key concepts. The text contains a large number of worked examples and end-of-chapter exercises.

The New Sixth Edition includes updates driven by the upcoming changes for the learning objectives for Exam FM, updated examples and exercises and some exposition improvements. The topic of duration has been revamped in Chapter 7 and expanded treatment of determinants of interest rates in Chapter 8.

A separate solutions manual for the text is also available.

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