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Making the Grade FREE eBook: The Aspiring Actuary's Guidebook to Consistent Exam Success and Advancement in the Workplace, 4th ed. [Immediate Download ePUB file]
Author: Mocciolo
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ISBN: 978-1-62542-095-4


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This book was written specifically for actuarial students and those who are considering an actuarial career. It also includes a consolidation of information on the various actuarial organizations in the United States and Canada, along with descriptions of each organization's education program.

Its primary focus is on suggested techniques to use in order to maximize success on the exams. The final chapter features an introduction to other non-technical skills which are critical to longer-term success in the actuarial profession. It is the only single-source reference on career development for aspiring actuaries.

The 4th Edition was updated to address changes in the SOA and CAS credentialing options and requirements.

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