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Actuaries in Microinsurance: Managing Risk for the Underserved
Author: Blacker & Yang
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Microinsurance, insurance designed for underserved populations, is a growing market with an increasing need for actuarial knowledge, interest and expertise.

Actuaries in Microinsurance aims to help develop the actuarial capacity in the MI market, improve the relevance and sustainability of products, and ultimately assist individuals, families, and communities escape poverty. This groundbreaking book intersperses technical chapters and short anecdotes. The personal anecdotes give first-hand account of what it is like to work in developing regions while the technical chapters cover a wide variety of topics directly relevant to actuaries interested in this field.

“Most microinsurance services are developed without proper actuarial experience, which can put millions of clients at risk of inadequately priced products and broken contracts. This book will finally shed light on this and help make microinsurance a safer business.” Véronique Faber, Executive Director of the Microinsurance Network

This landmark text provides an educational and enjoyable read for actuaries working in traditional markets, young actuaries living in developing regions, and Microinsurance specialists who desire to learn more about the actuarial aspects of this market.

“One of the constraints inhibiting the expansion of better insurance services for more low-income households is sufficient technical expertise. The contributors to this valuable publication represent the burgeoning nucleus of this expert cadre, and hopefully their thoughts and experiences will inspire many more actuaries around the world to apply their technical skills to achieve development objectives.” Craig Churchill, Team Leader, ILO Impact Insurance Facility, and former Chair of the Microinsurance Network


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Section One

Foreword François-Xavier Hay

Introduction Jeff Blacker

Chapter 1 What is Microinsurance?Mary Yang


Section Two
Work of the Actuary in Microinsurance

Chapter 2 Soft Skills are 80% of the Battle, Donna Swiderek

Chapter 3 Days in the Life of a Farmer Actuary, Agrotosh Mookerjee

Chapter 4 Demand and Supply of Actuarial Services, Dermot Grenham & Eamon Kelly

Chapter 5 Developing the Actuarial Profession in West Africa, Guillame Moussa     

Chapter 6 Finding Volunteer, Consulting, and Full-Time MI Opportunities, Jeff Blacker

Chapter 7 Academic Research and Microinsurance Development, Jia Min Ng

Chapter 8 Data Sources for MI Actuaries, Jacquiline Roberts Singh        

Chapter 9 Tacos, Tequila, and Microinsurance in Mexico, Josh Ling

Chapter 10 Microinsurance Regulation, Sekayi Campbell

Chapter 11 Precautions When Communicating Results, Jeff Blacker

Chapter 12 Social Risk Pooling by Non-insurers: Lessons Learned, Agrotosh Mookerjee

Chapter 13 My Brush with Microinsurance! Shiraz Jetha


Section Three
Product-Specific Issues

Chapter 14 Credit Life Products and MFIs, Josh Ling

Chapter 15 Spreading Insurance Awareness in the Depths of Fiji—Gaming Taken to the Tropics, Barry Maher

Chapter 16 Designing and Pricing Health Microinsurance with Limited Data, Lisa Morgan

Chapter 17 A Mutual System in India, François-Xavier Hay                

Chapter 18 Homeowners Microinsurance in Brazil: Pricing Estimates and Market Potential, Luis Eduardo Afonso and Maria Pilar Varela Sepulveda

Chapter 19 Q&A with an International Development Actuary, John Smith

Chapter 20 Crop Microinsurance, James Sharpe

Chapter 21 A Crop Insurance Pilot in Nghe An, Vietnam, Mayur Ankolekar                                                      

Chapter 22 Microtakaful, Farzana Ismail, Hassan Scott Odierno, and Zainal Abidin Mohd Kassim  



Appendix A  Data Checklists, Jacquiline Roberts Singh

Appendix B  Data Sources, Jacquiline Roberts Singh

Appendix C   The healthcare and incidence rate (HIR) questionnaire, Lisa Morgan

Appendix D  Health Microinsurance Benefit Design: A Comparison of Three Real-world Plans, Lisa Morgan

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