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Actuarial Exam Tactics: Learn More, Study Less
Author: Jennings & Ju
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Learn how to pass your exams while studying less with strategies from the world’s youngest actuary.

Conventional actuarial study advice: Buy a manual, read through each chapter, do as many practice problems as possible, and spend 100 hours per exam hour in preparation for the exam.
Is there a better way?

This is the fundamental question addressed in Actuarial Exam Tactics: Learn More While Studying Less. In this book, you will find actionable advice to questions such as:

  • What parts of the material should I focus on more than others?
  • How can I make my review sessions more productive? (When and How to review)
  • What is the best way to structure my study sessions to be more productive?
  • How can I pass the exams while spending less time than “100 study hours per exam hour”?

This book presents the study strategies that helped Roy Ju become the world’s youngest actuary, finishing the SOA’s exams, and becoming an FSA, at the age of 20. At this point, most actuarial students will be asking: these strategies worked for Roy, but will they work for the average actuarial student?

This was the primary question that co-author Mike Jennings asked when first learning of Roy’s strategies. After fifteen months of testing these strategies and accelerating his own exam process (passing 2 preliminary exams, a fellowship exam, the FAP modules and the FSA modules over this period), Mike knew that he and Roy had to share these strategies with all actuarial students.

With early endorsement from professors and actuaries who have been through the exam process, this book is sure to transform the study habits of actuarial students to help them pass their exams while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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Chapter 1 — Introduction
Chapter 2 — Overview
Part I — Effectiveness: How to Pass the Exams
Chapter 3 — Focus on Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 4 — Productive Review Sessions
Part II — Efficiency: How to Study in Less Time
Chapter 5 — Restructuring Your Study Sessions
Chapter 6 — Train Your Capacity for Efficiency
Part III — Putting It into Practice: Sample Schedule
Chapter 7 — Conclusion
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