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ACTEX eLearning Webinar: The Value of Microinsurance for the Insurers and Insureds [Recording]
Author: Mookerjee, Garand, Ling & Blacker
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ACTEX Learning Presents:

ACTEX eLearning Webinar:
The Value of Microinsurance for the Insurers and Insureds

Co-Sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries

1.5 SOA CPD, CAS CE Credits/Training Hours
This is a potential source of 1.25 hours of CPD for the Canadian Institute of Actuaries
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Microinsurance (MI), insurance designed for underserved populations, is a growing market with an increasing need for actuarial knowledge, interest and expertise.  Two common questions are “Can MI be profitable?” and “Does MI improve clients’ lives?”  In this engaging webinar, three MI experts will explain the value of MI for the insurer and the insureds.

Please note that this is Actex’s second MI webinar. The first webinar, New Developments and Challenges in Insuring the Underserved, provided a broad overview of the MI market, its challenges for actuaries, and ways for you to get involved. Join us as we dig deeper the into actuarial aspects of MI.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How insurance fits within the context of economic development and resilience
  2. Key Performance Indicators and what they show as value for MI
  3. The value of agriculture insurance products for farmers and the agriculture value chain
  4. Best practices in agriculture insurance

Who Should Take this Course?

  • Actuaries seeking to learn more about MI and its unique challenges
  • Actuaries seeking to become involved in MI
  • MI specialists seeking a better understanding of actuarial aspects of MI


Agrotosh Mookerjee, FIA

Agrotosh Mookerjee is a qualified actuary and Managing Director of Risk Shield Consultants. He specializes in inclusive insurance, particularly in the development and implementation of agriculture insurance schemes. His areas of expertise include weather index insurance, healthcare, livestock, life, credit-linked, mobile-based and other mass market products. Over 2012-2016, he implemented agriculture insurance projects in 7 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and 3 countries in Asia, insuring approximately 170,000 small-scale farmers from weather related risks, such as droughts, typhoons, hurricanes and floods. He has developed agriculture insurance products and/or developed market capacity in the following countries - Albania, Angola, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Botswana, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  

He currently works as a consulting actuary on various projects, including the World Bank Group. His previous roles include Principal Actuary for MicroEnsure, a Micro-insurance Fellow with the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Bangladesh, and as an actuary with Inter-Hannover and Aviva in the UK and as a consultant.

Denis Garand, FCIA, FSA

From 1981 to 2000, Denis worked for a cooperative insurance company as Group Actuary, Director of Marketing and Vice-President of Group insurance as well as an advisor to developing cooperative insurers. Since 2001, Denis has been an independent consultant, focusing on the Canadian group insurance industry, international microinsurance programs, health insurance and international regulatory systems. Denis is the preeminent expert on disability insurance in Canada having developed LTD rates for many insurers, conducted valuations of disability plans and is the co-author of the CIA 2004-2008 LTD termination study. Denis has advised on many health insurance systems, from modeling and projecting the future cost of the health system in a country, advising on movement towards universal health coverage and advising on low income health insurance products.

Denis has experience advising insurance regulators in over 6 countries on regular and microinsurance best practices in regulations.

Denis has worked in over 30 countries in health insurance, regulations and microinsurance.

Josh Ling, FIAA

Josh Ling is Director of Financial Sector Initiatives for the International NGO, Mercy Corps, advising on insurance and financial inclusion projects across Latin America, Africa and Asia.  In particular, Josh is the Actuary for MiCRO, an organization co-founded by Mercy Corps in 2011 as a microinsurance reinsurance company.  MiCRO’s current focus is to expand natural catastrophe insurance solutions in Central America.

Josh started his career as an insurance actuary with Deloitte Consulting in Australia, before joining the International Labor Organization’s Microinsurance Innovation Facility in Geneva.  As a part of his work at the ILO, Josh undertook a 12-month placement in Mexico City, working with an association of rural Mexican microfinance banks to develop insurance products for rural, low-income populations in Mexico.  Prior to his current role, Josh also worked for the World Bank’s Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance team, advising governments on the financial management of the risks of natural disasters.

Josh is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia (FIAA). He has a Master of Commerce and a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies, both from Macquarie University in Sydney.

Jeff Blacker, FSA (Moderator)

Jeff is the editor of Actuaries in Microinsurance, an anthology published by Actex in 2015.  He is also an independent consulting actuary and actuarial exam instructor.  Most of his career has been in the U.S. supplemental health insurance market.  He worked 10 years in financial reporting and product development roles for a U.S. insurer prior to becoming a consultant in 2007.

In Guatemala and Nicaragua he priced microinsurance products including life, cancer, and accident insurance during ILO joint mission projects.  In Kenya, he analyzed health microinsurance claims experience and provided recommendations to improve the sustainability of an insurance product.  He also enjoys working in India as a microinsurance volunteer with the Micro Insurance Academy (MIA), which offers free online microinsurance training (

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