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G.O.A.L. (Guided Online Actuarial Learning): Online Practice Problems & Exams for SOA Exam FM [Online Access/Single User] (included with StudyPlus+ tool accompanying ASM FM and ACTEX FM manuals)
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Publisher: GOAL
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G.O.A.L. (Guided Online Actuarial Learning): Practice Problems & Exams for SOA Exam FM - 6 Month License [1 User/ No Printing/ No Returns] - $59.00
G.O.A.L. (Guided Online Actuarial Learning): Practice Problems & Exams for SOA Exam FM - 2-Day FREE Online Trial - $0.00



A helpful resource to aid in your preparation for Exam FM

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GOAL for FM is currently part of StudyPlus+ for Exam FM, complimentary study tools to be used in combination with your manual to help you pass your exams and get started in your actuarial career. StudyPlus+ (and GOAL) is included with the purchase of an ASM or ACTEX study manual for Exam FM. 365-day access is currently only available within StudyPlus+ with the purchase of a 12-Month manual license.  180-day access is included within StudyPlus+ with the purchase of a 6-month manual license - OR - as a standalone product for $59.

Please use the GOAL interface, available within each question, to send us feedback or suggestions. We are already working on Version 2.0 and would be pleased to incorporate as much student feedback as possible! Help us make GOAL even better.


About Your GOAL
Guided Online Actuarial Learning (GOAL) is one of the most customizable and flexible actuarial learning tools on the market today – helping students practice and master all the necessary syllabus material for SOA Exam FM. We follow the SOA or CAS order of the learning objectives and the same titles of topics. In some instances, we break down the concepts into smaller sections, while still following the same SOA or CAS outline of topics. GOAL is a supplemental study tool, designed to help you practice and develop your problem solving skills. We recommend that you first gain an understanding of the concepts from your study manual, textbooks and/or SOA or CAS study notes before utilizing GOAL to practice what you’ve learned.

Practice, Quiz & Test
GOAL offers students more control over their own learning, speeding the process, especially for topics a student finds particularly challenging. Students are offered:

  • Over 1,500 SOA Exam FM exam-style problems with detailed solutions provided
  • 3 Learning Modes (Practice, Quizzes, Simulated Exams)
  • 3 Levels of Difficulty (Core, Advanced and Mastery); additional granularity will be added in the future as we aggregate and review student performance with questions over time
  • Randomize the level of Quiz difficultly or make the Quizzes database adaptive (easier or harder based on your performance)
  • Customizability of the database questions; narrow focus to specific learning objectives
  • Flag difficult questions for later review
  • Review incorrect answers and/or skipped questions
  • Add personal study notes to any problem
  • Review alternative solutions to problems (where available); more alternative solutions will be added in version 2.0
  • Monitor progress/view reports; review the questions you’ve had the most difficulty answering
  • Save your Practice, Quizzes and Simulated Exam sessions for later review or completion
  • Instructor-led audio solutions provided for many of the most difficult problems. Students can choose to play the audio/html file or not; potentially speeding up their studying.
  • “Notify Instructor” functionality (for errata, errors, questions and your product improvement suggestions)
  • Mobile (requires internet connection)

Practice Mode:
Learn at your own pace! Select a topic(s), the level of difficulty and begin practicing! Don’t stress, in this mode you can answer as few or as many problems as you’d like, there is no timer and no reporting of performance. Skip or Flag a question for later review. Correct answers and detailed solutions are displayed immediately following each problem.

Quizzes Mode:
Are you prepared to quiz yourself?! Select the number of problems, set a timer, select a topic(s) and the level of difficulty. All problems must be answered to complete the quiz. Solutions to each problem will be displayed after the quiz is completed. Answers are tracked for reporting of your performance. Relax - the timer is only there to challenge yourself; pause it as needed.

Simulated Exam Mode:
Testing time! You will be presented with a simulated, comprehensive exam with predetermined problems that are withheld from the Practice and Quizzes modes. Numerous complete practice exams are available. Includes a timer that can be paused. Answers are not displayed until the test is complete. Answers are tracked for reporting of your performance.

Levels of Difficulty

Core = Basic foundational questions designed to practice new concepts/formulas and prepare you for more advanced SOA Exam level questions.

Advanced = More complicated questions to prepare you for SOA exam questions with a medium level of difficulty.

Mastery = More challenging questions to prepare you for SOA exam questions with a high level of difficulty.

Note: There are some sections within the syllabus with no basic concepts, so the Core problems are a little advanced, but easier than the Advanced ones. Also some sections are easier, so the Mastery questions are not particularly challenging, but they are harder than the Core and Advanced.