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ACTEX Exam P Preparation: 10-Week Online Course (7/2/18-9/30/18) with PASS GUARANTEE
Author: Cross
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Publisher: ACTEX
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ACTEX Exam P Preparation: 10-Week Online Course (7/2/18 - 9/30/2018) with PASS GUARANTEE - COURSE ONLY - $299.00
ACTEX Exam P Preparation: 10-Week Online Course (7/2/18 - 9/30/18) with PASS GUARANTEE + ELECTRONIC Manual incl StudyPlus+ [1 yr license/ 30% printing/ NO Returns] - $408.00
ACTEX Exam P Preparation: 10-Week Online Course (7/2/18 - 9/30/18) with PASS GUARANTEE + PRINTED Manual incl StudyPlus+ - $408.00
ACTEX Exam P Preparation: 10-Week Online Course (7/2/18-9/30/18) with PASS GUARANTEE + PRINTED & ELECTRONIC incl StudyPlus+ [1 yr license/ 30% printing/ NO Returns] - $463.00


Prepare for P in 10 Weeks with confidence!

The ACTEX Online Course for Exam P/1 provides students all of the necessary instruction, materials and support needed to pass Exam P/1. Students will have access to a variety of practice problems, video solutions to practice problems, timed practice tests, lecture videos, and much more. In addition, students will have one-on-one support from our skillful instructor Bill Cross, Ph.D., FSA, from the start date of the course, through the November 2018 exam sitting.

Course Dates: July 2nd to September 30th, 2018
Course Instructor: Bill Cross, Ph.D., FSA

Registration Deadline: Please register before: July 18, 2018

50% discount off the course tuition fee available to full-time students,
educators, and active U.S. military personnel.
See Available Discounts tab.


  • Thoroughly prepares you for Exam P
  • Comparable to a one-semester college undergraduate course
  • Emphasizes problem-solving techniques
  • Comprehensive instructor support, video lectures, and suggested exercises/solutions
  • Weekly timed practice tests with video solutions
  • Live discussion forums and real-time chat sessions
  • Responsive, student-focused instructors with engaging style and helpful support make preparing for Exam P efficient and enjoyable
  • Click here to see a preview of this course. Week 1 is available for your review.


The ACTEX Exam P Study Manual by Broverman. 
(Manual includes StudyPlus+ online study tools - see below for additional details)


The course is partitioned into 10 units, with the final two weeks dedicated to intensive practice. Weeks 1-8 in the 10-Week session, consist of the following:

  • Assigned textbook readings
  • Instructor Notes
  • Video Lectures
  • Practice tests to improve test taking skills
  • Suggested practice exercises (with full solutions)
  • Asynchronous Q&A discussion forum
  • Full Instructor support by email and in-class messaging
  • Direct communication with instructor (by request and appointment)

The last two weeks of each session will include practice exams with instructional support and review. Grades will be given to help you chart your progress and gauge your level of preparation. Students will continue to have access to the course videos and materials for two months following the end of the course.


Discussion Forum
Each week there will be a dedicated discussion forum in the course for public questions about the course material. The instructor will normally respond to questions within 24 hours.

If you have any questions for Bill Cross at this time, please send them to him directly at:  

Email and Phone
The instructor will respond to student emails throughout the course normally within 24 hours. Course questions of a general nature should be posted in the public weekly discussion forum. By appointment, the instructor will also be available by Skype which allows students to ask course-related questions and receive immediate feedback from the instructor.


Students should access all course materials and read all assigned readings. Students should complete homework assignments individually.

It is estimated that it takes 200-300 hours of study to adequately prepare for Exam P/1.   Students in the 10-week course should dedicate 10-20 hours per week at minimum to the course material in order to do well on Exam P/1. Students in the 18-week course should dedicate 6-12 hours per week at minimum.

Before purchasing electronic manuals or bundles, please note that DRM protected PDFs require installing free software on a desktop or laptop computer to print.  If you do not have administrative rights or are otherwise unable to download and save third party programs to your computer, you will not have printing rights enabled. DRM License terms: 1 Yr of access, print up to 30% (total), access on up to 4 devices, offline use for 5-days at a time. 

ACTEX Exam Preparation online courses are designed to give you the best instruction and guidance for LEARNING the material and PASSING your exam. Rather than relying upon memorization (which will lead to forgetting information), our instructors will help you learn and retain the fundamental points needed to pass your exams. 

PASS GUARANTEE Terms & Conditions:

We offer the following PASS GUARANTEE! If you complete an ACTEX Exam Preparation online course (P, FM or MFE) and take the next scheduled exam pertaining to that course, but do not receive a passing score, you may register for the ACTEX Exam Preparation OnDemand Online Course for the same exam material, ONE time, at no additional cost.

  • This guarantee does not cover study materials (required or optional)
  • The Pass Guarantee is non-transferable.
  • Proof of the non-passing score must be sent to prior to calling to activate the pass guarantee.
  • The Pass Guarantee is available ONE TIME, at no charge.
  • Students must activate their Pass Guarantee within THREE MONTHS of receiving a non-passing score or the guarantee will be void.
  • ACTEX eLearning may revise or disable the (P/FM/MFE Online Course) Pass Guarantee offer at any time without notification.



Manual includes StudyPlus+ digital access to:

  • Virtual eFlashcards
  • G.O.A.L online practice problems (Guided Online Actuarial Learning)
  • Digital formula sheet
  • Actuarial exam and career strategy guides
  • Technical skill eLearning tools
  • Samples of Supplemental Texts & Study Tools
  • And more!

StudyPlus+ access codes are provided inside printed study manuals for customers of the printed or printed & digital bundled manuals. StudyPlus+ access is provided immediately to customers of the digital-only study manuals by visiting My Account/ My Learning Tools in the bookstore website. 


DIGITAL Study Manual option - TERMS & CONDITIONS:

  • Access manual from any device, anywhere
    • Online in your Actuarial Bookstore account/web browser
    • Offline via the FREE desktop player (pc or mac)
    • Online/Offline via mobile application (android or iPhone)
  • Take notes and highlight content
  • Use available content immediately upon confirmation of your order
  • Some restrictions do apply:
    • Access through “My Account/My Learning Tools” section of your account
    • 1 Year License 
    • Single User (sharing and/or resale is prohibited)
    • Access to content on up to four devices
    • Permission to print up to 30% of the document total (*printing requires use of the offline desktop player - free software download)
    • Use off-line for up to 5 days at a time

Printed manual is printed on the front and back of each page and bound with plastic, coil binding

Reselling, sharing or committing other copyright violations is not allowed. Copyright infringement is a violation of the SOA & CAS Code of Professional Conduct and can result in discipline procedures. 


Course Refund Policy
Students taking this course are eligible for a 100% refund of tuition prior to day one of instruction, an 85% refund of tuition within the first 7 days of instruction and a 50% refund of tuition from days 8 - 14 of the course. No refunds will be given after day 14 of the course.

Study Manual Refund Policy
Please note that there are no refunds for digital study manuals or bundles. All printed study manuals may be returned under the terms of the ACTEX Mad River Books Return Policy.

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Discount for Full-Time Students:
Students with current enrollment as a full-time student at any college/university are eligible for a 50% discount off the course tuition fee. In order to access this discount, please email proof of enrollment using your college/university email address to Examples of enrollment proof would be a copy of your registration, or an unofficial transcript with your name appearing on the document.

Discount for Educators:
Faculty members of any accredited higher-education institution are eligible for a 50% discount off the course tuition fee. In order to access this discount, please contact us via email at using your college/university email address.

Discount for Active Military Personnel:
Active U.S. Military personnel are eligible for a 50% discount off the course tuition fee. In order to access this discount, please email us at from your military email address.